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Love is the thing that matters most in this life, and is the only thing that gives it meaning.



So i decided long ago to just go ahead and give up the fight and surrender. I surrender to Love. I get giddy, stupid happy when I have a hand in giving people a glimpse of how beautiful they really are.

Most of us have no idea how beautiful we are. We have no idea all we hold, what depth of Life and Love we really have to give, and I believe that a picture shows a glimmer of that. It's in the eyes, in the expression, the emotion... in the moments you catch someone off guard and they laugh - that beautiful, full, free laugh. I can't help but dance and skip and sing when I take pictures, because I'm so moved at the beauty and power of the people I photograph. It's my honor. 100%.

I grew up moving all over the world including the South Pacific, Hawaii and every little country town in eastern North Carolina, so I'm a world traveler and a country girl. (The best of both worlds) I guess that's why I love to travel, it's just in my blood. Along with photography, my husband Elijah and I own a recording studio, and a couple times a year we travel for projects we are working on.  In the last few years my work has taken me to New York, California, Israel, Haiti, Nicaragua, England and France. Paris is the city of my heart, no doubt about it, and New York is my second home. We have filmed music videos, TV shows, recorded albums and taken more pictures than I can count in these places, and they have become the backdrop of our lives.

Travel has formed the way I see life and the world, and the way I approach photography. I have learned to slow down and pay attention to the moments in front of me in the midst of a world that doesn't slow down for anything. It is my joy and honor to document the most important moments of other's lives, whatever the backdrop, to catch the glimmer, to tell their story.




I would love to hear the story of the Love of your life and talk about your wedding or portrait session.

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